September 27th Lotto Pool

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It costs $6 to participate in this week’s lotto pool, with payments due by 5PM on Monday September 27th. You can pay me digitally at:

  • Venmo: nqdenise
  • Paypal:
  • Zelle:

If you use Zelle, please text or email me right after you pay me, as they don’t give me any notification when new payments come in.

Your $6 is good for the 3 PowerBall drawings this week, where each pick costs $2 each.

This week’s participants are:

  1. Denise Carlson
  2. Wanda Brown
  3. Jan Buttress
  4. Lisa Ray
  5. Dean McElroy
  6. Shirley Topp
  7. Shelley Ferris
  8. Judy Estrin
  9. Felicia Huynh
  10. Donna McElroy
  11. Jenifer Berghuis
  12. Melissa Carlson

Here’s our tickets for this week’s drawings.


Monday September 27th – We won $7!

Wednesday September 29th – No matches

Saturday October 2nd – No matches

We have won a grand total of $7! I have bought 3 more PowerBall quick picks for the Monday October 4th drawing, plus one 1 SuperLotto ticket, with these winnings:

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